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Six Degrees Improv at MegaCon 2015

Friday, April 10 at 11:30 PM
at MegaCon Convention

Back at Orlando's MegaCon for another year, Six Degrees Improv is once again bringing high-octane nerdy/geeky improv comedy to our beloved audience at this amazing convention!

There are TWO SHOWS - come to one or both of them; each will be it's own recipe for fun and mayhem!

TIME, DAY, AND LOCATION: Friday, April 10th at 7:30pm in room 206 A Saturday, April 11th at 7:30pm in room 205 BC (that's why this Facebook event looks like it's over 24 hours long...)

ADMISSION is $3, cash only

The shows are in the PG/PG-13 range, we aim for family friendly giggles. Come a few minutes early for the best seating. The show will last just over an hour - that's a lot of laughing!

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Adam Bellas

Adam is a technical actor, finding strength in improv's structure, whcih plays to his skills of observation and assessment. He adores spontaneity in humor and the joys of character acting. His roles in musical theater performances include Orlando International Fringe Festival shows and leading roles in various community theater productions. Adam's seasoned improv training has put him on stages throughout Orlando, FL. These experiences led him to instruction & education for corporate team building workshops and the design of a university-level communications workshop.

Charlie Downs

Charlie has been improvising both as an actor and as a technician for over 10 years. His first brush with improv was in Pittsburgh where he was called on stage for a World's Worst challenge. Since then he's been involved with over 2000 improv shows, as well as scripted works and performed everywhere from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to Orlando's Megacon. He enjoys his work and plans to continue it ad infinitum, which is Latin.

Darren Humphrey

Darren has been standing near talented people in Orlando since 1998. In addition ot his Orlando experience, he trained at Improv Olypic in Chicago, where he once sat in the same room with Tina Fey. Darren is also a photographer, videographer, writer, director, video editor, carpenter, and several other things that end with "er".

Darren also co-founded a software company in 1994 that does business in over 45 countried world-wide. Their software is used by people who work underwater, in outer space and inside the human heart.

Jaimz Dillman

Jaimz has been performing improv on stages in the Central Florida area since 1996. She's been seen in several theme parks, festivals, theaters and street corners around town. Hey, a girl's gotta work! She currently spends her days in the wedding industry surrounded by beautiful flowers and colorful clients she then uses as inspiration in shows. The clients, not flowers - that would be weird. Six Degrees is her second family as she has 2 kids.

Kenny Jardine

Kenny has been acting in Central Florida for 10 years. He has appeared in live theater, theme parks, short films and, if you look for it, a YouTube video where he gives a drunken rant about the difference between Dick York and Dick Sargent from Bewitched. He joined Six Degrees because of his love of improv, to be with other amazing performers, and because the Office was cancelled. He enjoys singing show tunes with an Irish accent and playing stip Mortal Kombat. Kenny hopes to be a professional actor one day, if and when he grows up.

Simon MacDonald

Simon MacDonald considers himself a writer, director, and improviser. He has over 10 years of improv (short and long-form) experience from various acting troupes/institutions. Before he was an improviser, he was in multiple musicals. Simon received a vocal scholarship to Valencia Community College. He has co-produced multiple improv workshops for Full Sail University and Lake Howell High School. He continues to expand his experiences by designing and play-testing both improv and card/board games. He is married to Sydney and they have a wonderful daughter.

Steve Grogan

Steve Grogan: actor, improviser, voice actor, waiter, father, husband, brother, son, cousin, friend, acquaintence, that guy you saw somewhere, human, and comma aficianado, has been improvising since 1999 in various venues around Orlando. Steve is a founding member of the improv super-group "Six Degrees" and also does "street mo" at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. When not improvising or theme park acting, Steve has been known to act in commercials and has lent his voice to numerous animated projects.

Sydney Lendian-MacDonald

Sydney has worked in the Orlando Improv scene as a House Manager for over 10 years and has been a part of Six Degrees for many years. In 2012, Sydney was the Stage Manager for the hit Orlando Fringe production A Long Time Ago: The 80's Strike Back. She has won numerous contest awards for her custom costumes, and as a hobby in fabric crafts.